Friday, 1 February 2008

Winter-een-mas - Night 7

And so it ends for yet another year. The end of Winter-een-mas was upon us, so we celebrated with a bang. Lots of bangs actually. As we played Halo 3 most of the night again. And a bit of Call of Duty 4.

I suggested going 'Old Skool' and hooking up my N64 for some Super Smash Bros, but Ricky has the bigger flat, so it was round to his for next gen gaming.

It's 3am, and I've been gaming since 1PM, after lectures. Got further on Kingdom Hearts, then to the games lab for CounterStrike and Guild Wars. Then it was onto Ricky's.

I've tried to play a different game every day this holiday, but all I managed tonight was half an hour of Call of Duty 4 on multiplayer, not enough to write about really. So I'll skip the 'review' tonight. Good thing as well, since I need sleep.

Thanks to the gaming buddys for a great Winter-een-mas, and I hope everyone else had a good one this year. Bring on 2009.

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