Friday, 15 February 2008

This would be a lot easier if I liked those pesky applications

So a task for our assignment includes listing my 10 favourite Facebook applications in order of preference. Before I do this, can I just make it clear that the majority of application requests go ignored by me, so I don't have that many installed. I don't see the point in many of them, and I hate getting my page cluttered by them. The ones at the top of this list will be the ones I've already installed. After that, if there's space to fill it'll be the ones I've had a look at and which seem OK. That said, let's begin.

1) Wrester - Such an addictive application. I don't know if it's the fact that I'm Central Lancashire champion (and hopefully Liverpool champion soon) or the fact that they keep updating and adding new moves which makes me keep clicking and fighting.

2) Cyanide and Happiness - One of the interweb's best webcomics got it's own application, which I promptly installed. Displays a random comic on my profile. Many laughs guaranteed.

3) iLike - This is on the list solely for the Music Challenge. Back when I played this challenge, many hours were spent guessing the song name for the first 10 seconds of a song. I did pretty well also.

4) Flog Blog - I've found a few bugs with the application, but I don't know if that's just my computer acting up again or not. When I've found a way around them, it's a pretty good application. If you have friends that like to blog it's a little better as it gives you something to read during the boredom hours.

5) What Position Are You? - Put on my profile purely for lol's, and it's stayed ever since for the same reason. A simple quiz tells you what sexual position best suits you. Apparently my personality shows that I'm the Missionary Position.

6) How Good A Lover Are You? - Added for the same reason as above. A simple quiz determines how good a lover you are. I'm yet to ask the lady how true the description of it is.

7) Top Friends - Adds a top friends list, much like Myspace. I think the limit is around 30, but it could be more. This application also lets you 'send drinks' and tells you when people add you on their top friends, bringing your social level up.

8) Photos - One of the default applications, but still a pretty handy one. Lets you create photo albums and upload your own pictures for the world to see. Also lets you tag photos so people can now stalk your friends as well as you.

9) My Drunk Friends - Like Top Friends, it places a list of friends on your profile, this time stating your drinking buddies. Downside is you have to invite at least 10 friends, so if you don't like spamming friends, this isn't the application for you.

10) Counter Strike: Red Team Go - Recently added application so I'm not exactly sure what to do. Seems like you just choose to attack someone and keep doing it until one of you dies. Much like the actual Counter Strike game.

Well that list is done, now to talk about two of them in greater detail. It'll have to be the first two on the list.

Wrester is one of the most addictive applications I've ever had the mispleasure of installing. Many an hour have been lost while I try to keep up with the 6 people all attacking me at once. Went through some major updates recently, making the matches more balanced, using a momentum bar for example. Different moves give differing attack power and momentum power. You can challenge random people in your networks as well as your friends who've added the application. So far my networks include Facebook, England, Central Lancashire, and Liverpool, so I'm never without a match or 5.

Cyanide and Happiness is one of the most crude and random webcomics out there. So when I heard about an application about it I ran to install it. This places a random comic strip on your profile, and you can also add one specifically from their website. When you do this, your mini-feed is updated to show your friends which one you chose. It's a good application since when I'm bored, I can click on my profile and laugh at the randomness. Since the webcomic updates everyday, you can never be short of laughs.

A good Facebook application is one which keeps you coming back to check up on it. I've had many applications where I just installed them, and then forgot about them. A few weeks ago I did a clean up of my applications to get rid of the ones I never used and it took forever. I never knew how many I had. Most of them were pointless application which didn't have a purpose. (Don't ask why I installed them in the first place. I went through a phase of accepting everything.) A good application also needs to have a clear purpose, as there are many out there just designed to spam friends. Many of applications listed above I use regularly. 'How Good A Lover Are You?' and 'What Position Are You?' are quizzes so there isn't much to check on, but the application 'My Drunk Friends' I've recently deleted because I never used it. The Counter Strike application is only below it because it was installed while I was writing this blog so didn't seem fair.

Well I think that covers all the points I need to cover, so I'm going to leave it here as I need to go get some food. And don't you love how I've done next Monday's blog on Friday morning. I need to stop blogging so much.
Or do I?

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