Wednesday, 20 February 2008


I accidently deleted a blog from the 8th. Was deleting the drafts that saved randomly and clicked the wrong button. Twice. >_<
I blame fatigue.
Anyway, there wasn't much exciting stuff to be lost. It was just talking about editing some of the pictures we took the week before and adding captions. I'll try to post some as I have to upload them to a photo album anyway, but I've not got them with me at the minute. They're all on my laptop
The assignment we have for this module looks pretty good so far, as I have a few ideas for the pictures I've taken, and even a few I've taken outside of lesson time. I'm adding captions to them to add to the humour, and hopefully I won't be the only one to find them funny. Using similar text boxes to the Final Fantasy IX speech bubbles, which I made on Photoshop. Yay for avoiding copyright.

Hopefully I won't lose marks for not having this blog posted at the right date.

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