Monday, 25 February 2008

Talk about impulse buys

First off was a trip to HMV. While Mo looked around for a DVD, I stupidly browsed around and found the Airplane 1 and 2 boxset in a 3 for £20 deal. It was my mission to find two more to go with it so I could reap the rewards. My bank balance cried a cry of pain as I found The Holy Grail and Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery to go with it. Proud of my purchase, we all went Subway while I picked up my wage slip. It had £50+ in, which will be a critical point later. For our next lecture, we learnt about the key games, people, and industries we should know. Somewhere in between all the name dropping, a deal in Gamestation was mentioned, where Gamecube's were going cheap. Later on, during a trip down to said shop, I found out it was £35 for the console and any 4 games from the 4 for £20 range.
Remember that £50 I got today?
It didn't help that I saw Ocarina Of Time for the N64 for £9.99 either
So I'm £44 out of my wages already and the cheque hasn't even cleared.
Although I did get the Pokemon Colusseum pack, which had a new Gamecube, Memory card, and Pokemon Colesseum, along with the 4 games I picked: Metroid Prime, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Star Wards Rogue Leader, and Blood Omen 2.
Combine that with Airplane 1, Airplane 2, Monty Python's The Holy Grail, and Austin Powers Internatiol Man Of Mystery and I don't think I'm getting any sleep tonight.

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