Friday, 29 February 2008

Video editing

The Entertainment Computing lecturers should realise that when you give a student a camera, lots of weird clips start to appear. (For example, we had a lot involving a photo booth. )

The theme of last week was 'Superheroes.' Apparently, someone suggested it, and since it was his birthday, Nicky said yes. I hope I get asked for a theme when it's my birthday. The videos to come out of that would be priceless. And NSFW.

Anyway, I joined up with the usuals, and we walked around Preston looking for ideas. When nothing came to mind, we ended up walking down an alley to see what was there. At the end was a nursery. We had cameras. I walked away promtly.
It gave Will the chance to point out Bhalock Street though. (Note: Read as 'Bollock')

An extra hour passed where we took random videos and linked them to superheroes very slightly.

The amazing thing is, we managed to make a decent video with the severe lack of footage we took. How we managed to make a spinning chair relevant is beyond us!

Me, Mo, and Will toiled over a hot Movie Maker window for an hour and a half this week to make something relatively watchable. Ricky was meant to help since he was with us when the group split up into groups last week, but he was doing the usual looking at Youtube videos. We still gave him credit since he appeared in the movie though, because we're nice like that.
We'll beat him later.

I'm sure you're dying to see the video, so here goes.
If the video below doesn't work, follow this link.

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