Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Say it isn't so!

So my life is practically over!
My laptop is screwing up, and I'm thinking it may have to be sent off since it looks like a hardware malfunction.
It keeps freezing randomly after about half a minute.
I'm hoping it's not an internal error, since I'll be without a laptop for a week or so.
Hopefully it's just a virus.
It took me an hour to back up all my uni work, since it kept freezing in the middle of it.
In the end I had to copy over each folder seperately and hope for the best.
I'll reformat it later and hope it helps, or even better, fixes the damn thing.

Not a lucky day for me really.
I came to the games lab to go on the internet, only to find that Internet Explorer isn't working.
And Firefox is blocking most websites.
Ebuddy and Blogger are thankfully working though.

Sod's Law that this would happen when i have a slight hangover isn't it?

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