Thursday, 24 September 2009


Today has been a day of losses.  Thankfully, all voluntarily, but losses nonetheless.  First off, there was the loss of £1050 from my account.  Ok, it means I get a place to keep my pants, but it also means I have less to spend on the games I don't need, or even want.
Secondly, I allowed a complete stranger to ask me personal questions and stab me twice with needles.  Yes, I have joined the elitest group of people who give away their bodily fluids for free.  Sort of like a prostitute, but with less business sense.  I'm writing this thing while waiting for the light-headedness to kick in, meaning any gibberish can easily be explained away and you won't know any different.  Success!  I'm sure the whole reward of giving blood is just being able to act weird and have no-one think anything negative towards you.  I can work with this.

The not-updating excuse this time is: *drumroll* UNI! 
I somehow managed to pass second year, move house, move to a different place when getting back to Preston, and socialise with people.  Also managed to get a hold of Batman: Arkham Asylum, one of the best games I've had the pleasure of beating for a while.  Not only did it keep me hooked for well over a week, but it also got me digging out Batman comics from all over the internet.
I'd just like to say, the first Batman story (Detective Comics #27 I think) is terrible.  The first few stories are so laughably bad I have no idea how they gained their popularity.  So glad they did though.

Also, fgkjepoudfshvoifdvghs*collapse*