Tuesday, 6 January 2009

This happens too often

I'm usually awake at 6am again, so I may as well have a place for all those strange thoughts to go again.  Just a sampler over the past few days:

- I joined Netlog for some strange reason.  Deleted my account about a year ago, but out of sheer boredom I crawled back.  Under the heading 'What do you want from netlog' or something similar, it had radio buttons with 'Friends', 'Relationships', or 'Networking'.  Now networking had two other sub-options, one of which I can't remember.  But the other one was called 'Job Search'.  Who the hell is searching for a job on freaking Netlog?!  Sign up (or just look around) to see what I mean. 

- Hats are awesome.  You disagree, and we have a problem.

- My 'friends' are idiots.  Not my actual friends.  Those people you add on Facebook because you have the same therapist or found out that they, too, share a fondness for bananas.  Every other word is 'lol', which is reason enough to hate them, and their comments are unreadable and uninteresting.  Maybe I should start deleting people.

- Finnish metal + Sub woofer in your chair + Lots of bass = Cheap massage chair!