Friday, 15 February 2008

Digital Manipulation For Dummies

Since before the dawn of time, it has allowed us to take an image and change it.
The internet.
It has given us thousands of websites to take more images from.

Censorship has basically become redundant, as anyone can take a picture and manipulate it to our every whim. My college days were spent editing pictures. If I did this to someone's work, it's plagiarism.

Photo editing software is so advanced and easy to come by that almost anything can be done to an image. A few weeks back, in an Entertainment Computing practical, we managed to make a picture of a lake into a Loch Ness Monster picture. Many of the class had never used Photoshop before, but still managed to make decent pictures, many of which looked authentic.

Images have been known to be edited so as to mislead others, a common case in the news. This article is just one example.

Isn't it funny how before cameras and film, miracles happened,(See: Jesus) and strange creatures were seen.
Then cameras came along and nothing happened for a while.
Then editing software came along and now we have tales and 'evidence' of Bigfoot and UFO's etc.

On a similar note, the pictures from a few weeks ago have to be edited slightly to fit in with this topic. So here we go. Fear my skills!
(Note: they're only quick jobs. quality wasn't an issue.)
Click for full size.

Sorry for the somewhat serious topic. Back to randomness and chaos soon. Ideas for my next blog in a Stamped Addressed Envelope to the usual address.

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