Monday, 9 August 2010

The internet doesn't have enough 'cat' blog posts.

For those of you that don't know, I own one of those new fangled computer thingies.  I usually use it to search for porno and pictures of dinosaurs.  (The two are not related).  Because doing this was all too tiring on my legs, I purchased one of those 'chair' inventions which worked wonders.  This allowed me to use my computer for long periods of time while sat down.  I also own a cat, who seems to think she owns the chair.  Now, if anyone else was to sit on my chair I'd slap them and start phoning a lawyer.  However, everytime I walk into my room to see a ball of fluff sat in the centre, I try to squeeze past so I can have enough space without disturbing the precious feline.  I'm writing this sitting on half a buttcheek while the cat is taking up the rest of the space asleep.  I'm quite uncomfortable.
Not content with ruining my dinosaur session, she also seems to think the best view in my room comes from the area in front of the monitor.  Now I wouldn't be angry, but she only ever manages to think this when I need the monitor for looking at things.  Pushing her off only tells her that I don't want her to sit there, which she translates to "Please sit on my mousemat.  You like mice, right?"  Chances are if I'm using my computer, the mouse would be a pretty handy tool as it helps to click on things. 
Again, she's moved and is sat on my mousemat, looking over my room like she owns the place.  I've never felt so imasculated.  I'm being overthrown in my own domain my a creature who can barely reach my knees.
Does this happen to everyone, or does my cat just really like the internet and want to join in?
I don't mean to one of 'those' people who always talks about their cat, so here's just the one post.  Be glad I didn't include pictures with hilarious captions in grammatically incorrect ways.  Tune in next time for a post about dogs!

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  1. I love cats AND dogs, so any post with either is welcome to me :)


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