Friday, 17 April 2009

My place really does suck

So I live in a little slice of heaven affectionately called 'The Moose'.  Reason?  Because it's the name of the place.  Duh.
Anyway, this house isn't well known for it's healthy drinking water.  One more than one occasion I've taken a glass, and had the water contained turned nearly opaque due to the 'things' in it.  The only way to get the water to an acceptable drinkable level, apart from moving, is to let the tap run for a few seconds prior to glass-filling.  Over Christmas holidays, a housemate left a bottle of water on the side, and returned 3 weeks later to a sight which can only be described as 'icky'  Mould balls had formed, and were bobbing up and down the bottle.  Sadly, he wouldn't drink it.  Even for science.

Why do I bring this up?

I was searching through a cupboard in my room back at home (The home with the people who gave birth to me) and found a bag I'd used for camping.  "Awesome" I said, as no-one was awake to tell me to stop talking to myself.  I need a tent for a week in June, so looked inside to see if I had one.  I realy can't remember what was in there.  The last time it was opened was about two years ago.  On the top of the bag, a bottle of water.  It had been in there for two years, and it was clear.  If I hadn't have just taken it out of this bag, I would consider drinking it.  (Again, for science) 

So a bottle of Moose water is left for two weeks, and grows mould.
A bottle of Liverpool water is left for two years in a bag in a small cupboard in a warm room, and it's fine.

Is my water really that bad?

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