Thursday, 17 March 2011

Dragon Age POO!

I'm so sorry for the title.

It's no secret that I loved the first Dragon Age.  (The game, not the time period.)  It was a no brainer to buy the sequel once it had been released, so I figured I may as well make notes while I'm playing to discuss the changes made.  Sadly my notes turned out to be a ton of bitching about how bad some aspects of the game are.  Enjoy!
(Bear in mind, I've played 17 hours at time of writing, and am nearing the end of the third second 'Act' as it were.  Some of these points may improve later, but from what I've heard that's very unlikely.)

- This skill tree isn't too good.  I liked the amount of choice and skills in the original.  This one has a lot less of both.

- Why are enemies spawning right in front of me?  It really destroys any strategy when you've places glyphs and dealt with certain enemies only to have more spawn right in front of your face, not two inches from where you're currently standing.  Even if strategy isn't your strong point, it's really disorienting to see bandits popping out of nowhere or climbing out of the ground.

- Some NPCs don't know when to shut up.  I walk past and they spout some dialogue.  Then they say the exact same thing 2 seconds later because apparently I'm still within range.

- A minor point, but why is everyone calling me Serah?  I keep reading it as Sarah.  I realise the need for your character to have a title (DA:Origins had Ser when not being called Grey Warden) but Serah just sounds weird.  Though it does mean I can put it as my first name and pretend everyone's calling me by name.

- I just picked something up in a cave and immediately knew who owns it. One instance lead to a strange dialogue exchange.
About someone's remains: "You seem to have dropped this" 
"Oh my, I never thought I'd see this again"
Or the time I stole alcohol from The Viscount's office and gave it to an Elf in Lowtown who said he'd lost it.  What?

- Why is there only one heal spell which takes ages to regen?  One mage isn't allowed to even learn it.  On a similar note, if I use a potion, why can't I use another restorative item?  Elfroot potion is different to a health potion.  Is the game afraid I'll overdose on life?

- A soverign seems a lot more* less than it used to be.  Bribing someone just cost me 5 soverigns.  When I'm trying to save up, this isn't the best way to go about it.

* Don't know what I was thinking with that. I was probably drunk.

- I have a ton of armour, but I can only eqiup armour on myself.  Companions have an armour set you can buy which is automatically equipped and can't be customised.  This means most of the loot you'll find is useless, since it's either worse than what you have or not for your character class.

- Why are all the amulets and rings just called amulets and rings?  There's no indication of what each one does(unless it's special), so I have to hover over each one one at a time.

- There are doors and connecting corridors on the map, but no way to open some doors.  Makes the whole thing sort of confusing when trying to navigate a mansion or something.

- Why are people locking chests with nothing in them but torn pants?

- If a companion is in my party why do I have to go to their house to then have a conversation about how long it's been since they've seen me?  We just killed some bandits not 5 minutes ago!  Don't you remember that?

-Why can't I teleport out of an area like in the original?  (Admittedly, only certain areas allowed this, but it was still better than nothing.)  Do I really have to backtrack my way through this cave?  I've killed everything here.  This is boring.

-I just got asked to find some people who followed me on a quest.  That was three years ago.  You couldn't have come to me sooner? 

-I don't know if I'm missing it but there's no 'camp' screen, where I can scroll through each party member and sort out their weapons.  It seems I have to put each member into my party one by one.

- I just travelled to my house to have conversation options appear without the conversation going on.  I had no idea who I was talking to or what the context was. (Thankfully, saying 'You're cute' seemed to make them happy.  A life lesson.  If you have no idea what's going on, just say that and hope you're talking to someone you're attracted to.)

- If I'm attacking an enemy and they move away I just...stop.  Do I really have to tell the great, experienced warrior that the enemy isn't dead yet and needs more stabbing?

So far I prefer Dragon Age: Origins to Dragon Age II.  Again, I've not completed the game so it might improve.  Then again it might get worse.  Here's hoping for the former.

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