Thursday, 23 July 2009

Thoughts from a thinker.

- Getting the 'Explorer' perk in Fallout 3 is the best thing I've ever done.

- For an apocolyptic wasteland, there sure are a lot of places I need to go to.

- Thanks to Fallout, my left hand goes to 'WASD' and 'V' by default.

- I need a larger MP3 player.  Squeezing 60GB of music onto 4GB of space leads to a lot getting cast away.

- It's also VERY boring to go through each album to see what's worthy.

- It's also very boring going through each album, correcting all tags.

- When I'm bored, I tend to get sociable.  A huge disadvantage, since my usual source of boredom is no-one to talk to.

- I've found that chat rooms scare me, but I just can't...stop...watching.

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