Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Last (needed) blog post.

So this shall be the last blog post I need to do for my assignment. I'll probably keep updating afterwards just because I'm that vain. Anyway, this task is about what I did during my Easter break. It got off to a good start, being my birthday on the Monday. After officially a full year of boozing I thought I'd give my liver a rest, plus the fact that many of my mates aren't over 18 so couldn't get into clubs in Liverpool, so ended up in Pizza Hut.
I'm sure many people by now know about me and Amy splitting up, which kind of put a downer on the whole holiday fiasco. I'd bought my own copy of Guild Wars, so I spent most of the holidays playing that as a result.
Easter wasn't a good time for relationships. Many couples I know had split in the same week as we did, one of which was a friend of mine who lives just around the corner from me. When I wasn't on Guild Wars, I was there being told about how much men suck, which was replied with the same, but with a gender reversal.
In typical gaming fashion I tried out the LOST video game, got my monk to Level 20, and helped my Dad build my computer when we realised it was actually quite slow and terrible. Buying more Guild Wars games helped with the boredom at times also.
After three weeks, a bottle of Jagermeister was purchased, and it was back to Preston for good ol' education, with the Jager to help with the not going out and saving money for after exams. So far, it's not been working.

How was everyone else's Easter?

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